Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fetch As Googlebot : Google URL Submission Tool

Have you ever been in a situation where you have posted about an upcoming event in your website or blog and waited for Google to index that content? Now there is a solution. Google in its Webmaster Tools have added "Fetch as Googlebot" in the Diagnostics section. Earlier it was in the Labs section.

With this tool you can submit your new website or updated pages to Google for review. If the submission is successful then the page will be added to Google's index. Googlebot will crawl your website within a day according to Google Webmaster Blog.

How to submit URL to Fetch as Googlebot?

Sign into Webmaster Tools. Go to Diagnostics. You will see the option Fetch as Googlebot. Type the URL to fetch.

SEO Trivandrum Fetch as Googlebot

After a succesful fetch you will see the option Submit to Index. There are two options. Either you can submit the individual link or the individual link and all the links on that page.

SEO Trivandrum

This tool is useful in many ways.

Suppose you posted a content which has some errors or is outdated and Google stores a cache of that erroneous content. Now even after updating you will need to wait some days for Googlebot to crawl that page and to update the cache. You will try to get some backlinks to that page for this to happen faster. Fetch as Googlebot will help to update the Google cache of your website within a day.

Fetch as Googlebot can also be used when you have added new pages to your website or posted upcoming events.

In order to prevent spam the number of individual link submission is limited to 50 per week and URLs with linked pages is limited to 10 per month. So use this tool wisely.