Friday, May 27, 2011

How to add Facebook Like Button to blogger?

Facebook Like button helps to spread a news or information so quickly in web. When you click the like button on an interesting topic then it gets posted on your Facebook profile and if in your Facebook profile you share it, then it gets posted on the newsfeed so that all your friends can read the topic that you “like”d. If your friends also “like” it then it gets posted on their profile also. Ultimately getting more “like”s.

This Like botton is very much useful for bloggers because anyone who wants to share your blog post can simply click the Like button and the post you wrote will get more “like”s from Facebook. This helps in getting more visitors to your blog. SEO can benefit much from Facebook Like button.

How can I add the Facebook Like button to every post in Blogger?

This is very simple. Go to this page you will find all the information you need.  

Or you can use the code below.

Go to your blog Design. Click on Edit HTML and select Expand Widget Templates. On the template find <data:post.body/> and immediately after it add the code shown above.

This is an Iframe implementation. There is one more type XFBML.

Things you can customize are shown highlighted red.

For layout you can use standard, box and button. Here I have used box.

Standard Facebook Like Button

Box Count Facebook Like Button

Button Count Facebook Like Button

If you are using standard then you can change show_faces=false to show_faces=true. This displays profile picture. This works only with standard layout.

You can change the width and height to fit your blog. There are two types of colour scheme light and dark. Fonts you can use are arial, verdana.

Hope you will Like the post.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Useful Google Hacks And Google Search Tricks

A query or keyword is anything that a user types in the search engine to find the information he needs. With developments in SEO, the search engines provided us with some useful search commands / hacks that helps to save time in searching. Some of these search engine hacks are useful SEO tools.

Anyone can search like a “googler” with the following Google hacks.
  • quotes
  • cache
  • site
  • inurl
  • intitle
  • related
  • +
  • -
  • *

When the search term (word or phrase) is put in quotes the search engine returns the results which contain the exact term.


This is the copy of your website in Google. When you search for it will return a page like this.

The indication at the top helps to know the last time Googlebot visited your website. The text-only version at the top helps to find out how the search engine sees your website. This is helpful to find out if there is any hidden text or hidden links in the website.


This search query is limited to a website. It returns all the urls in the website. The result for is shown.

This search query helps to know how many pages of your website is indexed in Google.


This searches your query in the URL.

inurl:“SEO India” will give results which contain exactly SEO India in the URL.


The search result will contain your query in the title.

intitle:“SEO India” will give result with pages containing SEO India in the title.

The inurl and intitle can be used with site: command.

For example intitle: “keyword” will help to know whether there are multiple pages in your website with the same keyword as title. Then these pages will compete each other for the same keyword. So correction is required for the website.

related: will give sites similar to seomoz

This is useful to find out similar websites.

Plus +

Will tell Google to search for exact term. +NYC will give importance to NYC and not New York City. This helps to avoid synonyms in search results.

Minus -

Royal -challengers -Bangalore will return results without challengers and Bangalore. This helps in filtering keywords in your key phrase.


Wildcard operator

It helps in replacing several words.

how * Google can be used for searching how to use Google.

If you know any other Google search tricks please comment.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Title Tag And Meta Title Tag

Today I was trying to add meta tags for my blog. I created the meta tags and uploaded it to my template design.

Do you see anything unusual?
Here I used

This is the Meta Title tag.
Actually I should have used

This is the Title tag.

Title and Meta Title tags are different. Title tag is the important one. All search engines display title tag of your website in their SERPs. Like meta keywords the meta title is not important for Google. Meta Title has no effect in SEO.

I removed the Meta Title tag and used Title tag.

Web browsers like Firefox displays your Title tag at the tab portion of the browser. Search engines also highlights the title tag in search results.

This is how my blog appear in search engines

Use Title Tag for your website. It is the actual name for your website. So use it wisely.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Search Engine Marketing is a kind of internet marketing to improve your website rankings in the search engines for your keywords. Some of the methods are SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay-Per-Click), SMO (Social Media Optimization).

SEO is the techniques used to improve the website rankings in search engines. SEO helps to bring more targeted traffic to your website.

SMO helps to publicize your website through social media.

SEO is very important for online business. Users search for products or services using search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. The search engines thus help to drive traffic to the websites which offers the product or service searched by the user. The first two or three pages of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) will be of interest to the user. Thus there is a competition among websites to rank higher in SERPs. By proper SEO your website can rank higher in SERPs and thus get more business.

SMO helps your website publicity using social bookmarking, online communities etc. SMO helps SEO in many ways. Now a days SMO is gaining popularity. People directly search for products and services in Facebook, Twitter and find out what others are saying about the particular website which sells the product. SMO also helps to improve search engine rankings.

Thus SEO and SMO are equally important.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

PDF submission for SEO

PDF submission is very important for SEO. You can create a PDF brochure for your website and promote it. The PDF should be search engine optimized for better results. PDF can be optimized the same way as HTML pages.

There are so many PDF websites available for sharing your PDF file. Search engines can read PDF same way as HTML. These sites are frequently updated and hence search engines crawl these sites more often. Getting a back link here will get your keywords optimized and bring more traffic.

Write your article in MS Word. Use heading tags. The title and article body should contain your keywords. You can place your images and give alt tag. You can give hyperlinks for your keywords.

The PDF should be created in text format. Don’t use Photoshop, since it will create an image file. Search engines cannot read image files. They can read text based PDF. Convert your word document into PDF. Upload it to your website or other PDF sharing sites.
  • Write your article in text file with MS Word.
  • Convert into PDF.
  • Upload to PDF sharing sites.
Here is a list of PDF sharing sites.

  1. Slideshare PR 8
  2. Issuu PR 8
  3. Scribd PR 8
  4. Yudu PR 7
  5. 4shared PR 6
  6. Box PR 6
  7. Docstoc PR 6
  8. Calameo PR 5
  9. Myplick PR 5
  10. Doxtop PR 4

I uploaded my PDF file on these websites and after an hour I googled for it and found my PDF file on Doxtop and Slideshare on the search results. Also got so many visitors for the PDF from Scribd.

PDF files can be optimized for high rankings in search engines. SEO can benefit much by PDF sharing.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to submit your website or blog to Google, Yahoo, Bing?

Submission of your website or blog to Google (or Yahoo or Bing) is very important. This is the first step for starting Search Engine Optimization for your site. If your site is indexed by search engines it will help to bring more traffic.

Suppose that you own a shop. People will visit your shop either seeing it or by your address. But in the world of internet even if you have a website address it may not bring visitors to the site. To get traffic your web address should come up on the search engines for your targeted keywords.

You own a coffee shop (service or your product) and your shop name (website) is Kumar CafĂ©. No one will directly type your address and visit unless you are a big brand. This is why Search Engine Optimization is required. Only by SEO your website will rank on search engines for your keyword which in this case is “coffee shop”.

Submitting your website or blog to Google

Google is the king of all search engines. If your site is listed there it means more and more visitors.

Follow these steps

  • Sign into Google Webmaster Tools
  • Click on Add A Site
  • Enter your blog or website URL . Click Continue
  • Verify your website using the options available. Either you can paste the HTML file provided by Google to the root folder of your website or to the template of your blog just after the first head tag; or use other options.
  • Finish by clicking Verify

Submitting your website or blog to Yahoo

After Google, Yahoo is the second major search engine.

  • Sign into Yahoo Site Explorer with yahoo id
  • Click on submit your site. Paste your URL.
  • Authenticate your website by putting the HTML file provided by Yahoo into the website template.
  • There is an option to add your blog feed

Here there is an option which helps to use your default email id, which helps you to use your Gmail id for Site Explorer.

Submitting your website or blog to Bing

Bing is from Microsoft. It is the main competitor for Google.

Now you should write an article related to your site and submit in high Page Rank article sites like and In the author resource box you can provide your website link. This is really very useful.

Submitting your URL to the search engines may not work some times. By providing your articles to high PR article sites Google will definitely index your site. These article sites are high quality sites and Google index these sites more frequently. If the search engine crawls your website from a link on these sites, then it will help the search engine to categorize your site as a quality site.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Youtube Buys Delicious

Wow great news!!

YouTube bought Delicious.

Delicious is the most famous social bookmarking site. Yahoo operated delicious. They were about to shut down it. But luckily YouTube came to the rescue of delicious. I really love this bookmarking site.

Osama dead!!!

Really good news for all those who are victims of terrorist activities around the world. Osama bin Laden was the founder of al-Qaeda and master mind behind 9/11 attacks on the US. He was killed in Abbotabad, Pakistan. This is the greatest victory against terrorism.