Monday, June 13, 2011

How is traffic and Google PageRank related

How is website traffic and Google PageRank related in SEO?

Website traffic and its PageRank have a correlation. One might help the other. But not necessarily.
To get high traffic you don’t need a high PageRank and to get high PageRank you don’t need high traffic.

If traffic to my website is high will it improve my PageRank?

Google has not mentioned about traffic when it comes to PageRank. Google PageRank is calculated only on the basis of your backlinks. Please refer my post Google PageRank - Relevancy, Quality and Quantity.

Suppose I have a website I used the domain name “Example” as my anchor text in my link building campaign and because of my domain popularity I gained a high PageRank of 5. My competitor who has a PageRank of 2 actually has a very good link building strategy and he targeted for some of the main keywords. The result is that he outranks my high PageRank website for those keywords and his overall traffic is much higher compared to my site.

So which is important? PageRank or traffic?

To me Traffic to my website is more important. If I am getting good business why should I care about PageRank? I am sure that my PageRank will improve in the long run.

You might have seen in so many search results that low PageRank websites are above high PageRank sites. This is because of their proper link building.

Stop worrying about that little green bar and worry more about the visitors. Find solutions to improve traffic.


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