Thursday, May 19, 2011

Title Tag And Meta Title Tag

Today I was trying to add meta tags for my blog. I created the meta tags and uploaded it to my template design.

Do you see anything unusual?
Here I used

This is the Meta Title tag.
Actually I should have used

This is the Title tag.

Title and Meta Title tags are different. Title tag is the important one. All search engines display title tag of your website in their SERPs. Like meta keywords the meta title is not important for Google. Meta Title has no effect in SEO.

I removed the Meta Title tag and used Title tag.

Web browsers like Firefox displays your Title tag at the tab portion of the browser. Search engines also highlights the title tag in search results.

This is how my blog appear in search engines

Use Title Tag for your website. It is the actual name for your website. So use it wisely.

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